About Us

About us

Knowledge is gathered from Learning and Education, while Wisdom is gathered from day to day Experiences and is a State of Being Wise. Knowledge is clarity of facts and truth while Wisdom is practical ability to make consistently good decisions in life.

Athena Training Academy was formed with a conception to unleash hidden benefits of developing one’s creative thinking skills as involves having lot of fun which in turn leads to happy individual. Deriving more fun out of life, at work or play, acts as an undeniable benefit that comes from developing one’s creative thinking abilities.

We all have had abundance of fun which we experienced as a child. The simple act like running, dancing, singing, reading, and even solving math problems was merely for fun. That happened because we were exploring the creative side of our thinking.

It’s time to do it again. Creative Thinking helps in :

  • Stand out in the crowd
  • Ability to recognize and solve crisis situations quickly and with ease
  • Enjoy greater job satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Ability to perform
  • Career Enhancement
  • Develop Higher Self Esteem
  • Think out of the box

Some of Benefits of Learning with Fun resulting in Happy Individuals:-

  • Fear, anxiety and Stress is eliminated
  • Chemicals released during happiness makes one feel great
  • It has a healing power
  • Individual moves into higher positive energy frequency
  • Work-Life Balance is obtained through positive energy
  • High Self Esteem
  • Positive Attitude

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